Whether you are staging your home to sell or want to feel more comfortable in your space. S+L wants to help you achieve your goals. While staging can seem interchangeable with decorating, they are very different.  

Staging is aimed towards a buyer’s psychology, downplaying very personal details and style. The focus is on showcasing the space and all that it has to offer. 

Decorating on the other hand is all about personal flair and style. Your unique, individual taste can be woven into the details creating a comfortable and beautiful space with your stamp.  

They both follow the basic principles of design, just with a different end game in mind.


2 Room Refresh                                                       


  • 1 hour on location consultation                                    
  • Inspiration Board
  • Design Suggestions
  • Color Combinations 
  • Furniture Layout
  • Product list


Occupied Staging Refresh 

$75 /hour 

If you will be occupying your home while it is on the market, we can provide a comprehensive plan for preparing your home to sell. 

  • Furniture placement and changes
  • Color consultation
  • De-cluttering and de-personalizing
  • Identifying and highlighting your home’s assets
  • Recommendations for furniture and accessory replacements/enhancements if needed


Before & After Photos